Easy tips to fix an Epson Inkjet Printer

Epson is a famous manufacturer of high-quality printing devices in the world. It offers an extensive range of multifunction printers and large format printing solutions. The Epson devices are known for their outstanding performance and reliability. Epson has a wide-variety of printers for your home or the office. You can find feature-rich printing devices from wireless to portable, label and all-in-one printers at Epson. Epson also provides the Customer Support facility for its consumers, so that they can use the device smoothly without any hassle. If ever a consumer encounters any issues with Epson device, he can seek immediate help from the experts at Epson by contacting Epson Customer Service.

epson printer customer care
In case, your Epson Inkjet printer is not working correctly, try the following fixes to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Before you start printing, ensure that your printer is plugged in and the power supply is continuous.

2. Also, check that the printer is turned on.

3. Check the status of the device by looking at the LCD screen of the printer. It must display ‘Ready’ or ‘Connected.’

4. If any error is being displayed, take the help of the user manual to rectify it.

5. Run the ‘Self-test’ of the Epson printer to identify and resolve the issue as most of the Epson devices has an in-built self-test function.

6. Verify that ink level is sufficient for working, if there is a low ink level, you should replace the ink cartridge with a new one.

7. Epson printing devices have a self-cleaning feature, use it to clean the print heads.

8. Alternatively, you can clean the print heads by taking it out of the device. For this seek the help of user manual.

9. Check the status of the paper tray, ensure that it is not empty and there is no paper jam issue.

10. You should ensure that the drivers are correctly installed.

If still, your issue remains unresolved, consider taking the help of the experts at Epson. Just give a call at the official number of Epson printer customer care and avail quick solution for your issue. Also, beware of the fake websites displaying wrong Customer Support Number of Epson. These sites use the wrong numbers to steal your personal information and use it against you and for the monetary benefits. You should refer a trustworthy online directory like ‘Contact for Help’ for availing 100% verified Customer Care Number of Epson. ‘Contact for Help’ is the leading online directory that enlists only authentic and confirmed Customer Support Number of various companies so you can trust this online catalog.


How to Enable the Class Tracking Option in QuickBooks?

As we all know that QuickBooks is one of the best and easy accounting software, It is used across the globe by innumerable users for managing and balancing the accounting and financial tasks of business firms and organizations. The QB comes packed with some of the advanced features and they are quite impossible to find in any other competitive software. Recently, it has come up with another beneficial feature, which let the user track their expenses and savings with just a few clicks. If you are also interested in setting up or enabling the class tracking option in QuickBooks, you can dial the QuickBooks phone number to contact the experts. Also, as an alternative way, you must go through this blog because here we have tried to enlist all the important and relevant steps that you would require to enable the class tracking option in QB.

QuickBooks Customer Service Support
So, take a quick look:

1. At first, you need to open the home page of the QuickBooks software, followed by clicking on the “Edit” menu option, and then you need to select the option for “Preferences.” Once the selection is done, make sure that you have chosen the option for “Accounting,” which is available in the preferences sub-category. Here, you will get the access for class tracking as well.

2. Now, as you move on to the next step, make sure that you have clicked on the “Company Preferences” button, followed by choosing another option for “Use Class Tracking.” You need to remember that after choosing the “Use Class Tracking” option, it is the time for you to click on the “OK” button for enabling the class tracking feature on the QuickBooks online or desktop account. After you are done with this, you can be assured of the fact that Class Tracking feature is now available on the company’s profile.

3. From the menu bar, it is important for you to choose the lists from the menu bar, which is available at the top part of the computer screen. Also, you should click on the “Class List” option for the sake of setting up the class categories for the expenses and accounts.

4. While moving to the next step, you are supposed to click the arrow tab, which is present next to the “Class” button. Now, you also need to click on the “New” option for creating the new class.

5. After the previous step, you are supposed to input the name which is related to the class. Just in case, if the class can be broken down later on, you need to put a check in the box, which is present next to the “Sub-class” option, followed by entering the detailed information in its text fields.

6. You need to relate the class with a specific expense by selecting the same on the expense input form.

Now, for more queries related to the same, you need to consider taking the help of the experts by dialing the QuickBooks customer service. You can get this number now only at the website of Contactforhelp, an online directory famous for showcasing the verified customer care phone numbers.

How To Enable and Disable Grayscale Mode Or Choose Filters on Windows 10?

Windows 10 is considered to be the most advanced and the latest version of Operating System developed by Microsoft. It comes with all the great and innovative features which are hard to find in any other OS in today’s time. In this blog, we will talk about the color filter option of Windows 10, where a user can easily choose and pick the color or grayscale option so that they can view the application and programs on the same color. It is extremely beneficial for visually impaired users. The best part is that it works for both the installed applications and 3rd party software. You can get into the details of the same from the professionals of Windows 10 customer service.

Major color filter options on Windows 10
• Grayscale
• Grayscale Inverted
• Invert
• Protanopia
• Deuteranopia
• Tritanopia

• With the help of Win+I shortcut key, you need to launch the settings option. You need to enable, disable or choose filter now.

• You will find a lot of options, and from there, you are supposed to choose “Ease of Access” option.

• Now, you are required to click on “Color Filter” option. Just below that option, you will find a toggle button to turn on or off the color printer option.

• You can also use the shortcut buttons (Windows key+ctrl+c) to directly toggle color mode to grayscale or vice versa.

• You will find the option for “Choose a filter” just below the toggle button. You have any color type from the list of options that are given there.

• From the list of options, you need to choose the one that you want, and then you are done.

• You can be assured of the fact now that you have successfully chosen the color filter.

windows 10 customer service

Now, for information or queries related to the same, you need to dial the Windows 10 support phone number. It is the number of professional experts of the Windows 10. You can get their number only from the website of Contactforhelp. It is a trustworthy online directory and promises the users with guaranteed and verified phone numbers of customer support and services that are located in the USA and Canada. Also,  all the phone numbers enlisted here are 100% toll-free. Moreover, the experts are round the clock available for the users on this number. So, next time you are stuck somewhere in the middle, don’t forget to take quick help of the experts now.

How to Fix the “QuickBooks not Responding” Error

The error ‘QuickBooks is not responding’ may appear when you try to open a QB company file. Your system seems to be hung up, and even you can’t move the cursor. When you face that situation, the Task Manager may specify that QuickBooks is not responding. You may experience this error if the Memorized Transaction list has the faulty transactions. At such time, the QuickBooks tech support phone number allows you to directly consult the technical experts and get immediate help to resolve the QB problems. Here’s how to fix the error.

quickbooks tech support

Solution 1 – Test a sample company

1. Restart the QuickBooks program after suppressing the desktop’s taskbar. You don’t have to click the ‘End Task’ button until at least a few minutes have passed to ensure that the QB program will no longer be continued.

2. Access the company file. To do so, choose the first company from the ‘Open a sample file’ drop-down list under the ‘No company open’ screen.

3. Choose the ‘Preferences’ tab, and then the ‘Desktop View,’ followed by the ‘My Preferences’ option. Select the checkbox next to the ‘Don’t save the Desktop’ option and click the ‘OK’ button.

4. Open the problematic Company File again from the ‘File’ menu in QB window. If you’re able to open up the sample company file without getting locked the QuickBooks screen, the problem may be with your Company File.

Solution 2 – Repair faulty memorized transactions

1. Close the QuickBooks program, double-click the time shown in the Windows taskbar and change the date back one year of your computer.

2. Open QuickBooks and launch the Company File. Click the ‘Lists’ icon in the menu bar, and then choose the ‘Memorized Transaction List,’ followed by the ‘View’ option. Select the ‘Re-sort List’ option.

3. Check the list to ensure which transaction has the checkmark in the auto column. Click one of them twice.

4. Once the transaction appears, print it for using later. Once you print the transaction, close the window without saving it. You have to follow the same process for every transaction that contains the automatic setting.

5. Remove the memorized transactions that contain automatic entry settings. Click the affected transaction name, and then choose the ‘Memorized Transaction’ option.

6. Click the Delete Memorized Transaction button and close the QuickBooks program. Change the date and time settings again for your computer.

7. Start the QuickBooks program again and try reopening the Company file that has the problems.

8. If can open the company file correctly, type the removed memorized transactions by using the printed pages you made in the previous step as a reference.

However, if you continue facing the error and QuickBooks has stopped responding when you try to open the Company File, it’s advised to consult the technical professionals by dialing the QuickBooks helpline number to get fixed the problems instantly and immediately.

Hidden Tricks to Troubleshoot Issues of Pogo Games

If you are a game freak, then Pogo games are just right for you. Pogo games is a free online gaming website which offers a wide variety of online games like card games, words games and board games, etc. All you have to do is to register yourself for free on the website, and you can start playing, it’s that easy. In case, you face any issue while playing the games or you are unable to log-in with your ID, then you can try the following tips to solve the problems. And if you want to take an expert’s advice, then call them at Pogo customer support number.

Get POGO Customer Support to Fix Gaming Issues
Pogo customer support number

Use the below-mentioned tips to solve the Pogo games issues:

  • If you are getting Pogo Compatibility Scan errors, it means that your browser is outdated. So, you should update the browser to the latest version or use the Pogo Compatibility Scan Tool to troubleshoot the problems.
  • If you have forgotten your password, then recover it by clicking on the ‘Forgot your password’ option on the Pogo Game portal. Follow the instructions and fill the required information to retrieve your password.
  • If you want to know whether you can play Pogo games with your current Operating System or you need to run the Pogo Compatibility Scan Tool on your PC.
  • You can also cancel your subscription to Pogo games without any hassles. You need to visit and login with your ID. Open ‘My Account’ and navigate to ‘Billing and Subscription’ tab. Just click on the ‘Billing and Subscription’ tab, and then you will find the option of canceling the subscription.

In case, you have any complex issue, you can contact the experts on Pogo Customer Help number. You can also contact them via emails and chats. But, if you want a quick solution then opt for a phone call. A phone call is the best medium to connect with the experts as you talk to them directly and can get the solution instantly. For official Pogo Customer care number refer to Contact for help. It is the famous and the most trusted online directory where you can find 100% authentic Customer care numbers of companies located in the USA and Canada.

6 Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Brother IntelliFAX 4100

No doubt, the Brother IntelliFAX 4100 all-in-one is a laser fax machine that can perform multiple jobs, such as printing, copying and faxing. Although this model is no longer available in the market, if you’re still using this 4100 machine and facing any problems, you can diagnose and fix the issues by following some simple troubleshooting solutions. On that condition, you can brother customer support number for immediate technical assistance.

Fix 1 – In the case of the error message that appears on the screen of the machine that states ‘Change Drum Soon,’ then you can resolve the error by resetting the drum counter. To do so, access the front lid of the machine and press the ‘Clear’ button, and then the ‘1’ to reset the counter.

Fix 2 – If the error that says ‘Check Paper’ keeps appearing on the screen, see the paper feeding tray to ensure that the paper is loaded correctly or that tray is not clear. Tug out the paper tray on the front of the device and ensure that the pages aren’t stuck or wrinkled. Fill the tray if it is vacant.

Fix 3 – If there is a frequent paper jam, check that you have not overloaded the paper feeding tray. It is also recommended that you should never place the sheets of paper more than 250 in the paper feeding tray.

Fix 4 – Check that the telephone line is firmly connected to your fax machine if it’s not ringing when you send a fax, or there is a no ring during the fax delivering process.

Step 5 – If there is an ‘Out of memory’ error when printing the document, decrease the print resolution. To do so, click the ‘File’ tab, and then the ‘Print’ option, followed by the ‘Print Options’ sub-menu in your Word document you’re trying to print. Later on, you can try to print your document again.

Step 6 – If you’re often facing the ‘Paper Jam’ error, then you have to clear up the jammed paper. Open the cover of your printer and gradually tug the stuck pages to the front of your fax machine. Close the lid and hit the ‘Exit’ or ‘stop’ button. After that, you can try printing, copying or faxing your documents again.

If the error message is still not removed after performing the above-given solutions, you can restart your fax machine by turning it off and removing the electrical cable as well. After a few seconds, you can make the connection back and reboot your Brother IntelliFAX 4100. If you don’t know how to solve major Brother Printer issues, you can also try the workarounds as mentioned above to fix several problems.

6 Handy Steps to Configure your AirPort Express Router

Apple’s AirPort Express router gives the method to configure the wireless Internet and can share the Internet-integrated devices like printers on the same network. You can set up your Airport Express wirelessly by using the DSL modem or the already-accomplished connection. After configuring your router, you can connect to the Internet from anywhere in your home and the office. For the step-by-step guidance, you can also consult the Apple router tech support experts through the phone and set it up wirelessly with no hassles.

6 Handy Steps to Configure your AirPort Express Router

Learn How to Setup your AirPort Express Router on your Computer

The following setup guide will help to configure your router quickly and efficiently. You just have to proceed to the steps for making the correct setup.

Step 1- First of all, you have to connect your Apple router to the Ethernet port on the cable or DSL modem using the Ethernet cord. If you want to share your printer on the network, then connect the USB cable of your printer to one of the available ports on the router’s back side.

Step 2 – Connect your AirPort Express router to an electrical switch using the power cable and turn it on followed by your printer or the external disk drives that you have connected to your Apple router.

Step 3 – Click the Windows Start menu, and then choose the ‘Programs’ icon, followed by the ‘AirPort Utility’ option. Click the ‘AirPort Express’ button on the ‘Base Station Chooser’ pop-up menu. Click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 4 – Type the AirPort Express Name and then the password into the correct text fields. Click the ‘Continue’ button. Select the option to configure a new wireless network name and click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 5 – Choose the ‘WPA/WPA2 Personal’ option, and then type the network name and the password into the correct text fields. Click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 6 – Pick the option to connect your router to the Cable or DSL modem and click the ‘Continue’ button. Choose the ‘Update’ option. Wait for your Apple router to restart and start you’re the network.

However, if your Apple AirPort Express can’t connect to the Internet and you’re unable to configure it correctly using the above-given steps, it’s time to search for the appropriate guidance and correct the configuration. At that point in time, you can call on the Apple router support number and speak with the networking professionals to get the step-by-step guide for configuring your router in a hassle-free manner.