Gmail Temporary Error Code 500: How to troubleshoot it?

Gmail is referred to as the best email service providers, launched by Google. It is home to innumerable features and trending benefits, which is impossible to find in any other email providers. Probably this is the reason why the users prefer to use Gmail over any other emails for exchanging formal or informal messages. But, the problem arises when someone gets stuck with Gmail temporary error code 500. Are you also facing this issue? If yes, you must take the expert’s suggestion at Gmail customer support. Alternatively, you can take the help of the steps that are enlisted-below. Take a quick glance at them:

Gmail Temporary Error Code 500- How to troubleshoot it-
Gmail Temporary Error Code 500- How to troubleshoot it-

Steps to fix Gmail error code 500

  • At first, you need to make sure that you have checked the internet connection to ensure that it is working fine. If it is not stable, you must switch to an alternate source for internet connectivity, or else, the problem would not get resolved.
  • Now, you must check the compatibility of the browser with the Gmail account. Yes, there are a few browsers that create problems in accessing Gmail. So, make sure that you are not using those browsers to access the Gmail account.
  • Temporarily disabling the extensions or application from the browser would be of great help to you. So, do it as soon as possible, and then try to access Gmail account.
  • In case, if the temporary files have increased, deleting the history, cookies and cache memory would be of great help to you. Also, make sure that you have eliminated the cache memory.
  • Make sure that you have kept the Gmail settings to its default state. Or else, the problem would keep on recurring.

Contact Gmail support if you can’t access Gmail account

Now, if you notice that the problem is still there and you are not able to get rid of them, it is important for you to consult the experts. The best thing that you can do is to dial the Gmail help number for support. The authentic contact details can be availed from the website called Contactforhelp. Yes, it is the best platform to get all the reputed contact information of companies that are situated in the USA and Canada.


Common HP Printer Problems with their Detailed Solutions

Printers are of the prime importance in offices. It is primarily used for scanning, copying and document preparation. Many of the business operations will come to a halt in case the printers are not functioning well. Now, there are HP printers are one of the renowned brands of printers. It provides us with easy functioning, fast processing, good quality pages and ink and of course sufficient cartridges. On the other hand, of course, HP printers are not flawless, there are some common issues attached to it too. There are some common issues, but these issues are a major one. A common issue that has grabbed everyone’s attention is HP Printer not printing properly or HP Printer service error code 49. Now, of course, it is a big issue that might create a bad impact on the users of HP.

Common HP Printer Problems with their Detailed Solutions

These problems need to be resolved as soon as possible.  Here are some of the problems associated with the printers. Have a look!

Common issues related to Printers

  • Printers get slow
  • The printer is printing only half a page
  • When the printer is running out of ink
  • When faced with paper jam issues
  • When the printer has some hardware issues

Common Problems related to HP printer (Specifically)

HP Printer Paper Jam:

A common issue that needs a proper and permanent solution is the HP Printer paper jamming problem. A long-term and long lasting solution is needed. There could be many reasons related to this, such as wrong paper tray selected, incorrect paper type selected, paper rolls might be loose or maybe the reason could be dust as well. Sometimes, the bits of paper get stuck in the paper tray; you need to clean it properly. If the roller becomes shiny, it is urgent to replace the roller.

HP Printer spooler error:

At first, in the run dialog box, you would find enter services.msc and now, press enters key. Search for window spooler; choose restart by clicking on it.  Restart your PC and test a print.

Problems regarding the Toner Fixation:

First of all, if it is towards the end, then you can replace it. On the other hand, you can also take the help of your HP manual.  Your Fuser sends you clean user input message, then you should definitely do it.

Hardware Issues!

In the case of hardware issues, you can simply switch off the device. If not solved, then you can contact the HP expertise for fixing the issue. This is because hardware issues, the most common one are the error light blinking, is not easy to solve without the help of an expert.

It is important to know about these common problems associated with the printer and the quick fixes for the same. This is because it will help you to be productive when you are working on a project. We hope after reading this article, you might have got answers to your questions. If you still have any issues, you can contact HP Customer Service Number. We hope it was worth reading for you!

Yahoo Mail not working on Android Devices: How to troubleshoot it?

Yahoo is famous and is widely used by everyone.  Now, it is important that Yahoo is working on Android or not! There are major issues that have come up, and one of the major issues which are famous and needs to be resolved is that these days there is continuous complain of Yahoo mail not working on the Android Devices. There are some issues like Yahoo mail not working on iPhone as well that keeps on bothering the users.  This is important to troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible or else lingering it might lead to a bigger issue.

There are two basic types of issues associated with Yahoo mail. They are

  • The first error is related to yahoo mail responding slowly, crashes and freezes instantly
  • The second is yahoo mail sign in issues: Password Recovery

Yahoo mail: slow response, frequent crashing and instant freezing

  • First of all, you need to check whether you are using the newest version of the Operating System
  • Secondly, make sure you are using the updated version of Yahoo
  • Now, clear your web browser cache
  • Clearing the cache and App data fixing most of the time solves the issue, but just to be on the safer side check if this has worked well or not!
  • Now, you need to refresh the active memory of the application. So, you need to restart or refresh the application
  • You need to uninstall and then again install the Yahoo mail app

Yahoo mail sign in issues:

  • If you are facing yahoo mail sign in issues, then you may try to find out the reason behind it:
  • If you have changed the phone number, then you need to follow the steps:
  • Open your computer
  • Make sure if your computer is connected to the internet. If not then connect your computer to the Internet
  • Open yahoo mail account
  • Enter your username, and then the password
  • Now, go to your profile name
  • Enter to Account info and then to Account security
  • Look for the option ‘phone number’ and then click on it
  • Now click on ‘Add Recovery phone number’
  • Now, a newly provided field opens. You are required to enter your new phone number
  • Now, you are supposed to click on the button ‘Send SMS’
  • As soon as you are done with the last step, you would receive an ‘Account Key’ on your handset or mobile
  • Now, in the provided field, you are supposed to enter the key
  • The last step is to click on the ‘verify option’

If your Yahoo mail not working on Android, you can read this article, analyze its ways and steps and then finally follow it and resolve the issue. We hope this article is fruitful for you. Maybe it has helped in solving the issues and the troubles you have been facing. After reading this article and trying to solve your issues by following all these steps might be helpful. On the other hand, if any query or trouble is yet to be solved or any further question is yet to be answered then you should definitely contact Yahoo mail customer service.

HP Printer Driver Unavailable in Windows 10: How to fix it?

HP Printers are famous and is used by many people all over the world, though it is surprising that there are some recent complain related to the HP printer issues with windows 10. If this is the problem, then, of course, this needs to be resolved properly. Here, in this article, we would explain how to fix this problem. Do not panic or get annoyed if your HP printer is not working in windows 10.

Configure Windows update or download driver automatically will help you to deal with it. You need to have a confirmation that your computer is configured to automatically downloading software.

The first way is:

  • At first, you are required to disconnect the USB cable from the printer
  • After you are done with disconnecting the USB cable from the printer, now turn off the printer
  • After you switch it off, now turn it on again
  • Then you need to search windows for devices
  • Then, from the list, ‘click devices and printers’
  • Make a right click on the printer icon
  • Now, click on ‘remove device then’
  • Now, follow the onscreen instructions
  • At last, you have to remove the icons, if multiple icons exist for the printer

Install the printer: Add wizard printer

  • At first, you are supposed to search windows for devices and then grab the list of results from there
  • From the list of results, select printers, and devices
  • The next step is to look for the option called ‘Add a printer’ option
  • The next step is important and you are supposed to select the printer according to your choice. select only if the printer you like is in the list
  • Now, you are required to click on the ‘next icon’
  • Now, at last, you are supposed to follow all the onscreen instructions then

To check if HP Printer is compatible with windows 10, you need to update it manually. The steps to update it manually are:

  • Click on the start button on the desktop
  • On the search box, enter update
  • Now, from there choose to check for updates
  • Again confirm it on windows update and under update status
  • Now, if you see updates are available, you will be notified with dialog box alongside preparing to install updates, it shows the remaining percentage

We hope that you might have liked this article. We have written this article to solve your issues and satisfy you all with our instant troubleshooting tips. In case, you all are not satisfied yet, or you feel that you need more information and knowledge about the HP Printer driver unavailable in Windows 10, then you can definitely contact HP customer service for further information.

How to Fix Yahoo Layout Issue?

Yahoo application and toolbar has always been in the homepage of users system and phone devices. While it has provided the users with immense security and protection, there have been times when the user faced disorientation in the framework of Yahoo platform. This not only caused issues in its functioning but also lowers the efficiency for the users using it. Hence to eradicate this issue the user has to follow these mentioned below steps before they contact the Yahoo customer support number and help the structure with the layout and design issue.

How to Fix Yahoo Layout Issue

Align Attribute

As it is the necessity, the web designers rely on the HTML tables to structure the alignment and the position. The three align attributes are:

Left: Aligned to the left section of the page

Centre: Aligned to the right part of the page

Right: Placed right at the center of the page

These are the three main features which contribute to the layout of the Yahoo website. But often issues arise in it; hence to fix it the user can follow the following steps.

Steps involved in aligning the layout for Yahoo

  • The user needs to go to the official website of Yahoo and tap on the option which states “SIGN IN.” This would help the user to log in to the account.
  • Now the user needs to type in the Yahoo ID as well as the password, and then tap the “Sign In” option.
  • Also, verify that if the user has checked to the box which states “remember these details if you’re logging in from a secure site.”
  • The user now has to review the column that operates down the left corner of the Yahoo page, which is known as the “Yahoo site,” then tap the thing in the column which is at the right side, to tailor it by selecting sites the appropriate options.
  • Now tap the option which states as “Favorite.”
  • The user now has to upgrade the Yahoo page to present the local area network by tapping the “Local” option which is at the bottom of the page. Enter the zip code or the address, or select “Change the layout.”
  • Next tap the “Add section” option which is toward the back of the webpage, preceding the row of “Yahoo originals.”
  • Now tap on any links, like “Finance” and “Technology,” to combine them to the page.
  • Tap on the link with the name and tap on one of the tiny colored squares to present the display
  • Tap on the small section to the left, where the name of the user is seen on the webpage, it might be chosen when the user sets up the Yahoo profile.

Testing the Emails

The settings to email clients can create the emails to break concerning the users, which is the reason why it’s very essential for the user to test each and every campaign before they tap “send” option. Litmus is one of the tools which permit the user to send with confidence and quickly check the emails from over 50 different users.

These are some of the steps by which the user can change the layout and the main page of Yahoo. If the user faces any issues with the same, then they can contact the helpline service of Yahoo Customer Care Number. The professionals would guy the user with the layout issue and any other problem as well, which the user is facing.

How to Recover and Find Missing Mail In Yahoo Account?

We relish in an era where information is processed by the different means. Speed, integrity, and convenience are some of the main features which every user looks in a source. Email service is one of those sources which user uses every day. One of the more popular email services includes Yahoo mail. Yahoo is the most extensive email service which is globally holding a good percentage of the market. Although Yahoo is continually evolving its service and function, there are times when the user fails to track their mail in Yahoo account. They lose out on the critical information and data and do not understand on how to gain it again. Therefore, here are some of the essential points which the user can follow while finding the missing Yahoo account.

How to Recover and Find Missing Mail in Yahoo Account-

Where to look?

Often Yahoo encounters an error where the functioning of the entire platform is frozen for 30 minutes. These errors are error 19 and 999. It important to solve Yahoo mail temporary error 19 and error 999, after the errors are eradicated, the user can look for their mail in these three zones.

Search for the mails

The user can locate misplaced emails using the primary or superior search options.

Spam and Trash

These are the folders that don’t show in search results. The user can check them manually.


The user can review their settings to verify and see if the filters are sending emails to a different folder.

Recovering Lost Or Deleted Emails

The user who wishes to retrieve their lost or deleted emails can follow these following steps:

  • The user can download all the messages received in their email account at the Yahoo mail, or they can forward them to a separate email address. Automatically or manually these messages or data will contrarily be lost forever.
  • Visit the Yahoo Mail Restore help form.
  • Utilize the drop-down list to specify the issue. In this case, choose Mail: Accidentally erased messages. A corresponding selection is there if the user uses a mobile device.
  • Choose a time range from the drop-down list under the option “when did you last see the missing messages?” The highest amount of time is 16 hours.
  • Start by visiting the Yahoo ID or email address in the field presented.
  • Register an email address that the user has access to in the field presented.
  • Create the CAPTCHA field and tap create request.

These are some of the ways by which a user can retrieve their emails from Yahoo. If the user still doesn’t follow up the process and have queries regarding the same, then they can contact the Yahoo customer service. The professionals would guide the users on how to solve the issue in a detailed manner.