How to Fix if AOL Mail Freezes up frequently

AOL, an Internet service provider, lets you connect to the Internet and browse any of the sites via the browser. The company also provides the AOL email service with its AOL Mail account that you can use to send/receive email messages to each other. However, if your email account freezes up while you are trying to access it, it may become necessary to fix the issue to get the uninterrupted email service. At such time, you can contact the AOL customer service phone number to know the troubleshooting guide to resolve the error.


AOL Mail

The webmail service of AOL lets you check your emails by opening up the browser and visiting the AOL homepage. As it’s a browser-based service, your AOL email account can freeze due to the incompatibility or other issues with the browser program. Troubleshooting the problem will vary depending on the kind of browser you have. However, if changing the configurations of your browser doesn’t work, you can reset the email or connect to the email web page by the AOL Mail Basic.

Basic Browser Troubleshooting

Upgrade and run your antivirus program on the system. If the viruses or malware infects your system, it can be the reason of your web browser and email to freeze up. Additionally, clear your web browser’s cache, cookies, history, to free up memory and let the program to respond well. If you are using the browser like Firefox or IE, turn off the browser add-ons to check if these are causing the incompatibility with the AOL Mail.

Reset AOL Inbox

If you ensure that your browser is not having the problem, or if you are still unable to access your emails even if adjusting the browser’s settings, you can reset the configuration of your AOL mailbox. Click the ‘Help’ link and choose the ‘AOL Mail System Summary. ’ Now, click the ‘Reset’ beside the ‘Mailbox State.’ Sign out your AOL account and then login back to check the changes.

Use AOL Mail Basic

AOL also offers a basic page that lets you log into your AOL email account without additional scripts or applications that may cause the web browser to freeze. Open up your web browser and go to the basic page of AOL to access your email account. If asked, enter your username and password to sign in your account. It also includes the entire basic features of your AOL Mail page, yet it’s easy to load on the system. However, if you are still not able to access your AOL account, call at the AOL customer support number and get the exact solution of your mailing issues.


Why Doesn’t Lexmark Printer Recognize the Refilled Ink Cartridge?

Refilling ink cartridge may be helpful for you to reduce its supply expenditures if a relatively low-cost ink kit allows you to recycle otherwise expensive consumables. But all these efforts fail if your Lexmark printer doesn’t recognize the ink cartridge when you reinsert it. At such time, you should test your refilling process and examine your cartridges to fix the problems. Also, you can troubleshoot the errors by getting the help of printer specialists with the Lexmark customer service number.


Installation and Reassemble Issues

While you refill an ink cartridge, try to inject ink into it or partly disassemble the cartridge to reach its supply slots. If you are unable to add the right ink amount or reassemble the cartridge hence it preserves its exact size and shape, then you may face problems while reinserting it into your Lexmark printer. Also, if you have a third-party cartridge, it may be less significant than the Lexmark consumables, which needs to line up inside the device carefully.


If the ink cartridge you refilled has become dry and made a blockage, inserting fresh ink cannot restore it to work again. In most circumstances, you can repair an external blockage by cleaning the cartridge using a cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Be careful to keep your fingers away from the cartridges metal parts or the oil on your hands can harm related electrical contacts. Some blockages can’t be wiped away still; you can choose another alternative is recycling the cartridge.

Cartridge Monitoring Chip

Some Lexmark printers have incorporated with the ink level monitoring features. When you refill and reinstall these ink cartridges, the printer will continue to notify they are still empty. You can restart printing, but it just means of tracking ink levels will lie in viewing for a drop in the output quality.Consequently, these ink cartridges can become dry and risk the feasibility of your print head. So, follow this Lexmark printer troubleshooting method to fix the printing problems.

Single-Use Cartridge

Some Lexmark Ink cartridge designs stop you to reuse or refill them. These are the special merchandising programs that make ink cartridge available at low prices, delivered that you replace the empty cartridges. As single-use cartridges, these are specially designed to wind up in its re-manufacturing procedure. If you are likely to be refilled your ink cartridges, never choose the discount programs, and obtain the manufacturer regularly offered consumables, which lack the prevention against reuse.

Why Printer is Not Printing Quicken Report in Windows 8

The Quicken Reports offer is a very handy feature to track and manage your finances accurately, and as a business owner can use this feature to make graphs and spreadsheets that display necessary financial information of the company. While printing reports, still, Quicken users may face difficulties because of problems with printing components or printer settings. If you have any issues while printing reports, you can either print using other programs or reinstall your software again. However, before reinstalling it, some remedies still exists you can try to fix the printer settings issues. Also, you can also contact Quicken customer support number for availing professional assistance.


Check Printing Capabilities

Open both the Paint and Notepad programs and try to print a document from such application. If you can print using the Notepad program, then your printer can print checks. Printing using the Paint program also confirms the ability to print reports. Even if the reports do not print checks replicas, check to look if there is a problem with the printer driver that can prevent other Quicken aspects from running correctly.

If you can print using these applications, you should fix your Quicken installation with the Validate and Repair utility. However, if you are unable to print using Paint or Notepad, reinstall to restore your printer driver. At such time, you can also call on the Quicken Support number to know the stepwise procedure for installation.

Validate and Repair Function

Quicken has an inbuilt repair utility to fix errors in the installation. Before trying to fix, check you have the updated version of the software. Once you install the updates, choose the ‘Validate and Repair’ option via the ‘File’ menu. Choose both the ‘Reset All Quicken Printer Settings’ and ‘Validate File’ options. If you still have issues, remove and reinstall Quicken. After re-installation, you can work smoothly with your innovative Quicken information.

Ways to Change Ink Cartridges on a Brother MFC Inkjet Printer

MFC stands for “multi-function” in all the Brother Inkjet model numbers, but one of the most important components in the machine is its ink Cartridge. Many of the MFC models can copy, scan and fax docs, in relation to printing functions. But if the user depletes the ink stores, then the printing and other tasks, will become almost impossible to execute. The quality of the documents may lack some colors or the machine will somehow just stop ink based chores all together. Household and business users can simply correct this temporary setback to restore the printer to full operation again.

In case of any difficulty or mishap, the users can directly dial the number and fetch contact Brother Printer customer service instantly.


Things user will need:

Brother MFC inkjet replacement cartridge with colors like (black, cyan, magenta and yellow).

Now, we will discuss the useful ways to change the ink cartridge on a Brother Printer:

  1. Get a new ink cartridge for the Brother Printer. Now, read the “Ink Empty” message that occurs on the LCD display screen on the top or front. This message usually means which color the user need to replace. Then, the user can place the cartridge to the side of the printer on a flat surface present.
  2. The user can now access and open the compartment on the inside of the brother printer that carries the ink cartridges. In some of the models, the user must lift the flat-bed scanner cover to view the ink cartridges. Other models comprises of an ink compartment door to the right side of the printer.
  3. Now, the user must remove the empty ink cartridge. And open the locking mechanism that carries the cartridge in place, if it is available. Now, pull the cartridge out from the machine. And finally throw it in the trash.
  4. Open the plastic wrapping or container that has the replacement cartridge. Peel off the tape that covers the contact points
  5. Check out the colors of the receptacles that hold the ink cartridges. Pick the new cartridge for only one color. Now, the user can use the guiding arrows on the cartridge and inside of the printer to slide the tank into the machine. Pushing the cartridge in until it stops will make it easier. Repeat the step.
  6. Now, close the locking latches that have the ink cartridges in place, if available. Close the flat-bed door for the ink cartridge area.
  7. Have a look at the screen on the printer. Most models can automatically sense when a new cartridge is in place. Read the question carefully and follow the instructions on the screen.

There is Brother Printer installation software to tackle all the problems in a better way or the user can get the valuable solutions from the experts available for them 24×7. The users can also check accurate details at Contactforhelp and get in touch with support services for resolving the problem.

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How to Replace a Lost Installation Disk for a Lexmark Printer

Losing or misplacing a CD-ROM is annoying and in most situations stops you from installing devices on your system. If you lost or misplaced the installation disk of your Lexmark printer, the manufacturer provides replacement disks if you don’t want to download the driver from its official website. The disk is the single CD-ROM that comes with an installation wizard for installing the printer driver properly and connecting it to the computer. You just need to consider a few things before choosing other methods.

Lexmark Printer Support

Find Model Name and Number

Before buying a replacement installation disk, it is necessary to know the model name and number of your Lexmark printer that may be placed in the front or on the back of the printer on a sticker, and then note down the printer’s name and model number.

Ordering the Disk

You can request for a replacement installation disk to the customer service by providing the printer’s name and model number. Provide the complete information asked by the representative for further solution. Though, for getting a hassle-free installation of your Lexmark printer, you can get help by dialing the Lexmark Printer customer service phone number.

Ordering the Disk Online

If you would like to but the replacement disk online, open your web browser and navigate them for the ‘Select a Product’ link and type the name of the printer in the ‘Enter Product Name’ box. Click on the ‘Go’ button, it loads the support page of your printer. Click the‘Email the Lexmark team’ in the ‘Get In Touch With Lexmark’ heading. Provide your personal information and serial number in the boxes. Under the Description box, request for the replacement installation disk by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button. You will be confirmed via email by the representative regarding the associated request.

Older Printers

If you can’t buy a replacement installation disk from the manufacturer because of it has stopped providing disks for older printers, go to your web browser and navigate to the ‘Universal Print Driver’ link and then click on the ‘Download’ button. It provides the complete support for Lexmark color and monochrome laser printers as well as other models of color inkjet printers.

Other considerations

If you are still unable to order a replacement installation disk or having difficulties in making use of newly purchased installation disk or having technical issues in installing the Lexmark printer drivers, all in one solution is to get connected to the representative by dialing the Lexmark printer support number present in the Contactforhelp and obtain the quick assistance for all printer hurdles.

What to Do if AVG Blocking from downloading Files from the Internet

Is your AVG security blocking you from downloading files from the Internet? The AVG anti-virus may discard to download files if the program can’t make secure the computer from virus attacks. This is available as free anti-virus software and part of a premium Internet security suite that provides improved security. If you face the problem with program installation or it’s accidentally blocking all file downloads, or it’s blocking malware-infected downloads from the Internet, a number of possible causes that encounter such kinds of issues.


Infected Files

If AVG is blocking or flagging a file you are trying to download, don’t consider that it may actually be infected by the virus. If your antivirus tackles the virus in the file during the downloading, it will prevent the file downloading. However, if AVG is mistakenly failing a file during download, download other files from the other website or the same site, to consider the particular file being infected. If it’s infected, you can get help of AVG customer service to update the AVG software and run the complete system scan.

Older Version Conflicts

The AVG anti-virus program can show the message ‘Download Failed – Virus Detected’ for all files downloads while encountering the problem that may be caused due to the older AVG versions still existing on your system and conflicting with the current version. Therefore, try to remove the older versions completely from the system to fix the problem. However, if you find any issues in removing the outdated version, contact the AVG customer service phone number to get instant resolution.

Delete Outdated Versions

AVG antivirus doesn’t comprise a feature to delete older versions automatically once you install and upgrade the latest version, yet, you need to manually remove the files by following step-wise procedure. Remove all the folders along with the ‘AVG’ start, apart from the high-numbered version. Once completed, restart your system to get your AVG functionality back.

File Exclusions and Disable Temporary

If you are confident the file you are trying to download is not infected and still AVG keeps blocking it, adding the file type in the ‘File Exclusions’ list or turn off AVG temporarily to avoid the download block. In such a situation, you can disable file by clicking on the AVG icon right side and choosing the ‘Temporarily disable AVG protection’ option. You can repeat the same process for enabling AVG antivirus.

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