How to Fix Yahoo Layout Issue?

Yahoo application and toolbar has always been in the homepage of users system and phone devices. While it has provided the users with immense security and protection, there have been times when the user faced disorientation in the framework of Yahoo platform. This not only caused issues in its functioning but also lowers the efficiency for the users using it. Hence to eradicate this issue the user has to follow these mentioned below steps before they contact the Yahoo customer support number and help the structure with the layout and design issue.

How to Fix Yahoo Layout Issue

Align Attribute

As it is the necessity, the web designers rely on the HTML tables to structure the alignment and the position. The three align attributes are:

Left: Aligned to the left section of the page

Centre: Aligned to the right part of the page

Right: Placed right at the center of the page

These are the three main features which contribute to the layout of the Yahoo website. But often issues arise in it; hence to fix it the user can follow the following steps.

Steps involved in aligning the layout for Yahoo

  • The user needs to go to the official website of Yahoo and tap on the option which states “SIGN IN.” This would help the user to log in to the account.
  • Now the user needs to type in the Yahoo ID as well as the password, and then tap the “Sign In” option.
  • Also, verify that if the user has checked to the box which states “remember these details if you’re logging in from a secure site.”
  • The user now has to review the column that operates down the left corner of the Yahoo page, which is known as the “Yahoo site,” then tap the thing in the column which is at the right side, to tailor it by selecting sites the appropriate options.
  • Now tap the option which states as “Favorite.”
  • The user now has to upgrade the Yahoo page to present the local area network by tapping the “Local” option which is at the bottom of the page. Enter the zip code or the address, or select “Change the layout.”
  • Next tap the “Add section” option which is toward the back of the webpage, preceding the row of “Yahoo originals.”
  • Now tap on any links, like “Finance” and “Technology,” to combine them to the page.
  • Tap on the link with the name and tap on one of the tiny colored squares to present the display
  • Tap on the small section to the left, where the name of the user is seen on the webpage, it might be chosen when the user sets up the Yahoo profile.

Testing the Emails

The settings to email clients can create the emails to break concerning the users, which is the reason why it’s very essential for the user to test each and every campaign before they tap “send” option. Litmus is one of the tools which permit the user to send with confidence and quickly check the emails from over 50 different users.

These are some of the steps by which the user can change the layout and the main page of Yahoo. If the user faces any issues with the same, then they can contact the helpline service of Yahoo Customer Care Number. The professionals would guy the user with the layout issue and any other problem as well, which the user is facing.

How to Recover and Find Missing Mail In Yahoo Account?

We relish in an era where information is processed by the different means. Speed, integrity, and convenience are some of the main features which every user looks in a source. Email service is one of those sources which user uses every day. One of the more popular email services includes Yahoo mail. Yahoo is the most extensive email service which is globally holding a good percentage of the market. Although Yahoo is continually evolving its service and function, there are times when the user fails to track their mail in Yahoo account. They lose out on the critical information and data and do not understand on how to gain it again. Therefore, here are some of the essential points which the user can follow while finding the missing Yahoo account.

How to Recover and Find Missing Mail in Yahoo Account-

Where to look?

Often Yahoo encounters an error where the functioning of the entire platform is frozen for 30 minutes. These errors are error 19 and 999. It important to solve Yahoo mail temporary error 19 and error 999, after the errors are eradicated, the user can look for their mail in these three zones.

Search for the mails

The user can locate misplaced emails using the primary or superior search options.

Spam and Trash

These are the folders that don’t show in search results. The user can check them manually.


The user can review their settings to verify and see if the filters are sending emails to a different folder.

Recovering Lost Or Deleted Emails

The user who wishes to retrieve their lost or deleted emails can follow these following steps:

  • The user can download all the messages received in their email account at the Yahoo mail, or they can forward them to a separate email address. Automatically or manually these messages or data will contrarily be lost forever.
  • Visit the Yahoo Mail Restore help form.
  • Utilize the drop-down list to specify the issue. In this case, choose Mail: Accidentally erased messages. A corresponding selection is there if the user uses a mobile device.
  • Choose a time range from the drop-down list under the option “when did you last see the missing messages?” The highest amount of time is 16 hours.
  • Start by visiting the Yahoo ID or email address in the field presented.
  • Register an email address that the user has access to in the field presented.
  • Create the CAPTCHA field and tap create request.

These are some of the ways by which a user can retrieve their emails from Yahoo. If the user still doesn’t follow up the process and have queries regarding the same, then they can contact the Yahoo customer service. The professionals would guide the users on how to solve the issue in a detailed manner.

Yahoo Mail is Not Working On Ios: What to Do?

Yahoo has always been appreciated on the versatility of the operating system which it consists of. It is an adaptable mailing application which works well with the iOS app. But soon after Apple released iOS, many iPhone and iPad users have inaugurated with the issues in accessing of their emails via Yahoo. These issues have become more severe lately, hence here are some of the steps which the user can follow while troubleshooting Yahoo mail with the iOS application before contacting the Yahoo email support number.


 Steps Involved In Fixing Of Yahoo Email Working On Ios: 

The fact that the user chooses to stick with Yahoo mail does not mean that they are bound to have a difficult time. Yes, there are some definite steps for the solution that are progressively assigned to fix the turmoil, the user happens to be facing at the moment. Hence, these are the steps which the user can follow while setting the difficulties.

 Step1: Check if the account operates outside the app or not 
  • From a system begin by opening a web browser.
  • Log in to the Yahoo Mail account.
  • Create a new email and add the address in the “To” field.
  • Send the email and verify if it arrives within few minutes.
 Step2: Update the operating system 

Apple publishes and releases updates to their operating system any time they recognize a fix to an issue. Make sure that the device consists of the latest version of the iOS software.

  • At first, you need to start by opening App Store.
  • Make sure that you have tapped on updates tab in the above menu.
  • The user would see a software update
  • Next, you again need to click on the update option.
  • Here, you are supposed to wait for the operating system to download and install.
  • You will notice that the device will restart when it is done.
 Step 3: Switch and re-add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail 

Re-Add Yahoo Mail To Ios Mail

  • It is important for you to add the Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail with IMAP
  • If the automatic setup process breaks to achieve the correct server info, the user can manually enter it.

Remove The Yahoo Mail Account From Ios Mail

  • At first, you need to introduce an account manually in iOS Mail using the Yahoo Mail IMAP settings.
  • Now, you need to use the Yahoo Mail app
  • If the user is still unable to connect to the iOS Mail app, there might be something wrong with the device. The user can still access Yahoo Mail by downloading the Yahoo Mail app.

These are some of the general troubleshooting steps which the user can follow while fixing their Yahoo mail working on iOS platform. If the user still fails to fix the issue, then they can connect with the Yahoo mail contact number to reach out for the help of expert professionals for a detailed version of the problem.

How to Solve Hp Wireless Printer, Not Printing Issue?

Most business firms take printers as a necessity. After all, how else would a user get documents in a proper format? Given the widespread use of HP printers, electronic files can be sent instantly around the world. HP printers are considered as one of the most reliable printers and encountering an issue with the printing, which is the critical function of the HP printer, is nothing but an annoying site.  Therefore, to solve this issue here is a full tutorial on how can HP printers not printing issue is solved.

How to solve HP wireless printer not printing issue

1. Why My HP Printer is not Printing:

There can be an ample number of reasons why the user faces printing issues in HP laptops. It might be due to the idea that printer runs through ink too quick, their output state may be flawed, they may print at a snail’s speed, the paper may typically jam, or at worst cases, they refuse to print at all. The main reasons why HP printer refuses to print are:

  • Hp printer not set as default
  • Print jobs have been canceled
  • Updatation of the printer driver
  • Issues in the printer status

2. How to Perform HP Printer Troubleshooting:

To perform the troubleshooting task the user can go though the following solutions:

  • Paper Jams

Among the most frequent issues with the HP printer, not working, paper jams are one such hindrance. A printer will jam for whatever reasons. Reason like it being dirty, the incorrect paper type is being applied, or the rollers on the printer that support the paper through its pathway are worn out. While wiping the printer periodically and using the right paper type are easy remedies. Regardless of the circumstances, when removing a paper jam, regularly pull the paper in the way of the paper path, because pulling it backward can severely malign the printer.

  • Printing On The Page Results In A Fading Output

A faded print memory is usually the outcome of one of three circumstances where HP printer not printing anything issue arises: The printer is becoming flat on toner, the print frequency is set too low, or economode printing is turned on. For the latter two frames, a printer self-test is needed which would show what the current settings are. When the economode is on, and users are mourning about how light the print is, the solution is to turn it off the print density. If the toner is feeble, directly remove the cartridge. Shake it to redistribute the toner more precisely. This can tentatively resolve the problem until it the cartridge is replaced.

  • Ghosting

Ghosting is a situation where the image prints correctly, but a much moderate copy of the is printed elsewhere. This can be because of the issue with the power outlet. It supplies power to the printer. Verify the power outlet by plugging in another printer to see if the same results befall. Ghosting can also be due to the reason when printer parts are near the end of their life. All of the consumable elements in a printer are rated for a certain number of sheets. Once a printer gets near that magic number, the user needs to substitute those parts to eliminate ghosting.

  • Toner Spreads Or Does Not Lingers On Paper

If the words and the images come off the sheet when a hand is operated across it, then it has a problem. HP printer will not print anything when it has an issue with the toner. First, the fuser assembly may be destroyed or at the end of its life. The resolution is to substitute the fuser assembly. Fixing the fuser assembly is usually not recommended because the user is recognized as a consumable printer part and does not deserve the time or effort to fix. Second, the toner cartridge may be inadequate. Replace the cartridge that is showing the difficulty. Third, some toner may have spilled in the printer. If so that is the case then the user needs to clean it out.

3. General Steps To Fix Hp Wireless Printer Not Printing Issue:

Step1: Check estimated ink levels. Tap the estimated ink level tab option. The “estimated ink levels” option for the print cartridges would appear.

Step 2: Print a self-test report. Load the letter, A4, or put a right unused plain white paper into the data tray. Tap and hold the Cancel button and then press the Start Copy Color button

Release both buttons. The product prints a self-test report.

Step 3: Note which cartridges printed with the areas are needed for the self-test report

Step 4: Look for defects and solve them to fix “HP printer does not print” issue.

Step 5: Clean the cartridge contacts

These are some of the solutions which might help the user with their HP printers; if the user is still facing issue regardless of these instructions then they can contact the helpline services of HP customer service number for help and guidance.

Simple Troubleshooting Guide To Fix Microsoft Office Not Working Issue!

Microsoft Office Not Working

MS Office or Microsoft office is an accessible software suite emphasizing many system publishing programs. System users have the opportunity of using several various Microsoft Office suites. Suites which include designed for students, home users, small businesses, and corporations. What the user chooses depends on the circumstances.

Sometimes while operating the Microsoft Office suites, the users face Microsoft Office not working issues and need the assistance for the same. Therefore, here are some of the instructions which the user can follow while fixing these issues.

 Microsoft Office not responding issues

Having problems with the Microsoft Outlook is not typical. This may lead to various hindrances in its operation. Some of the difficulties which are faced with Microsoft Office not working issues are:

  • Error while opening
  • Compatibility issues
  • Memory problems
  • Crashing issues
  • Running the trial version

Microsoft Office troubleshooting

Here are some of the solutions to Microsoft Office Suites.

1.  Problem :- 

Error while opening

 Sometimes the user goes through the message saying “Experienced an error while trying to open the file.” In Excel the user might get the message stating as “This file is corrupt and cannot be opened,” and when it comes to PowerPoint application the user may render one of the following error while Microsoft not responding issues:

  • “The application was unable to start correctly.”
  • “PowerPoint found a problem with <filename>.”
  • “Sorry, PowerPoint can’t read <filename>.”

Fix1: Update the application

  • Begin with the MS office suite and tap on the file tab
  • Visit the account and choose update options
  • Tap on update now button

Fix2: Using command prompt

  • Begin the command prompt from the admin account and enter the following command:”icacls “%programfiles%\Microsoft Office 15” /grant *S-1-15-2-1:(OI)(CI)RX.”
  • Now try to open the Office documents or simply contact Microsoft Office support.

2. Problem:-

Compatibility issues

Many times the user may have several versions of the same Office application installed or opposing DLL files might be making the errors. The compatibility test checks for this nails the difficulty factor.

Fix: Check the compatibility test

  • Tap the file tab, and then tap Info.
  • Tap the “Check for Issues,” option and then tap “Check Compatibility.” option
  • In the Info tab, tap “Check Compatibility.” option.

3. Problem:- 

Memory problem

While Microsoft Office troubleshooting the user faces a message stating that “there is not enough memory or disk space to run” then the user can follow these instructed steps:

Fix1: Cleaning up the Junk files

  • Launch “EaseUS Partition Master” option and then tap on “Cleanup and Optimization.” Now select “Junk File Cleanup.”
  • Tap “Analyze” to let the PC cleanup software and look for all the junk files on the system.
  • Choose all the junk files the user wants to clear up and now tap “Clean up.”

Fix2: Clearing the virtual memory

  • Tap on “My Computer” and then tap on the ‘Properties.” option
  • In the System Properties dialog box, tap on the “Advanced” option
  • Tap on the “Performance” Options.
  • In the Virtual memory pane, tap on exchange to increase the paging file.
  • After the user changes the setting, tap on set, and then tap ok.
  • In the “System Control Panel Applet” box, tap ok to the message stating “The modifications you have made require you to restart your system before they can take effect” option.
  • Tap on ok to terminate the “Performance Options” dialog box, and then tap on ok to close the “System Properties” dialog box.
  • Now restart the system.
  • If you still face the issue then simply contact Microsoft support

4. Problem:-

Crashing issues

Office Applications Crashes Frequently on Windows application. After launch, the user faces issue regarding the same and while opening or editing office documents.

Fix: Repair Office Suite

If the office applications kept on crashing, then the user can repair it using built-in Repair tool. To access this follow these steps:

  • Enter the “Control Panel” option and then tap on “Uninstall a program” option.
  • Choose “MS Office Suite” option and double-click on that
  • Choose change from the pop-up menu and then tap on repair

5. Problem:-
Running the trial version

Sometimes the users are working on the trial version of the application which is not only unsupportive but also provides with many hindrances. The user can face Microsoft Office not working issues like:

  • The user cannot create a new document.
  • The user can view existing documents. However, the user would not be able to edit them.
  • The user can print documents. However, the user cannot save them.

Fix: Check the latest version

Verify whether you are doing a trial version of the Office product by following these steps:

  • Begin Microsoft Office.
  • Tick the Microsoft Office button.
  • Tap the application name options.
  • In the Navigation pane tap to open the resources.
  • Tap on the “About next to” about Microsoft Office Word.

It is likable that the user might face issues even after going through these instructions and at such point they need the guidance for the same. Hence the user can contact Microsoft support number for more help