7 Handy Steps to Restore Juno Email Backup Files Successfully

Unlike other internet-based email clients, Juno is a stand-alone email client where you can access and store your email messages directly on the computer as the Microsoft Outlook. As an email service, if you prefer to use Juno, then it is necessary to have the backup of your email information to avoid unexpected situations that may cause data loss. Although in the case of account failure, you can contact the Juno internet customer service to gain the expert assistance instantly in order to restore it back.

7 Steps to juno email backup files

To backup and restore email files, you have no need to go anywhere because it includes the Juno Backup Wizard during the installation of the email client on your system. By using the backup utility, you will be able to restore your email in time. This tutorial guide will let you know how to restore Juno email files effectively.

Steps to Restoring Juno Email Files:

  1. At first, you need to close the running Juno email client, because you can’t restore the files until the application window is open.
  2. Now, launch the Juno Backup Wizard utility and then choose the ‘Restore’ option and click on it.
  3. On the Restore screen, click on the ‘Browse’ button, and then identify the location of the backup email file. Click on the file and then click the ‘Next’.
  4. Click on the Juno installation location in which you want to restore the email files. In most cases, users will have only one Juno installation. Click the ‘Next’.
  5. Subsequently, click on the specific user account, and then click the ‘Next’.
  6. Select the check box ahead of each data group to get them back. Select the checkbox in front of ‘Email Messages’ to recover your email messages back.
  7. Click ‘Contacts’ to reinstate your backed-up contacts. Click the ‘Next’, and then ‘Finish’ to execute the process.

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Now, you will see that the backup information is restored to the Juno email account. However, if you stuck or fail to restore your files even after trying all the required steps, it is highly recommendable to address your query to the certified Juno professionals by dialing the Juno internet customer service number listed on the trusted web directory as the Contactforhelp, in order to avail the immediate query resolution.


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