2 Handy Ways to Restore your Quicken Data Files Properly

Are you fed up because you have lost your necessary data of Quicken account during system crashing? Do you have any idea how to get back your lost information files? Don’t be sad! Everyone knows, being an electronic device, the normal lifetime of a business computer system is three to five years maximum, and when any fault occurs, it comes unexpectedly without any prior notice. At that time, the recovery of business operations and financial records had the utmost priority.

If you are using the Intuit’s Quicken accounting software in your business, then recovery of lost data and restoring data files are the straightforward processes. Contacting Quicken customer support is an additional enhancement, where you can obtain the best possible support and solution if you have any query or problems with Quicken. In this tutorial guide, there are two methods you can proceed to get back your account information.

2 Handy Ways to Restore your Quicken Data Files Properly

Two Handy Methods to Get Back your Account Information:

Restore Data via Built-in Functions of Quicken:

  1. Open up your Quicken program.
  2. Find the previous backup device that can be a flash drive, CD or another external hard disk. Connect it to the device. Note that if you have backed up the data to the local drive, and then drive is corrupted, then you might not be able to get back your files and you will need to access the latest external backup.
  3. Click on the ‘Files’ button, followed by the ‘Backup and Restore’, and then click the ‘Restore’ button to launch the restore window. Type the drive note of the backup device, and then click on the ‘Enter’ button. After a while or thus, the data will be recovered and you can see it on your main Quicken window.
  4. Now, enter any dealings that happened since the last backup.

Restore Files from Backup folder:

  1. Find your backup contents and install any software required to recover the data.
  2. Make a new folder by proving the following path, C:\My Documents\Quicken.
  3. Open your backup software or discover the backup device and find the above- created folder.
  4. Copy or restore the data available in the Quicken folder from the backup folder into the new.
  5. Launch Quicken program and click on the ‘File’ button, followed by the ‘Open’. Browse to the new folder and choose the file along with the QDF extension, which is the data file of Quicken.
  6. At last, enter any deals occurred during the last backup.

However, if you are unable to backup or restore your data even after go through all the required steps, it is highly recommended to call on the Quicken support phone number to get rid of all issues having with your Quicken accounting software.


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