What to Do if AVG Blocking from downloading Files from the Internet

Is your AVG security blocking you from downloading files from the Internet? The AVG anti-virus may discard to download files if the program can’t make secure the computer from virus attacks. This is available as free anti-virus software and part of a premium Internet security suite that provides improved security. If you face the problem with program installation or it’s accidentally blocking all file downloads, or it’s blocking malware-infected downloads from the Internet, a number of possible causes that encounter such kinds of issues.


Infected Files

If AVG is blocking or flagging a file you are trying to download, don’t consider that it may actually be infected by the virus. If your antivirus tackles the virus in the file during the downloading, it will prevent the file downloading. However, if AVG is mistakenly failing a file during download, download other files from the other website or the same site, to consider the particular file being infected. If it’s infected, you can get help of AVG customer service to update the AVG software and run the complete system scan.

Older Version Conflicts

The AVG anti-virus program can show the message ‘Download Failed – Virus Detected’ for all files downloads while encountering the problem that may be caused due to the older AVG versions still existing on your system and conflicting with the current version. Therefore, try to remove the older versions completely from the system to fix the problem. However, if you find any issues in removing the outdated version, contact the AVG customer service phone number to get instant resolution.

Delete Outdated Versions

AVG antivirus doesn’t comprise a feature to delete older versions automatically once you install and upgrade the latest version, yet, you need to manually remove the files by following step-wise procedure. Remove all the folders along with the ‘AVG’ start, apart from the high-numbered version. Once completed, restart your system to get your AVG functionality back.

File Exclusions and Disable Temporary

If you are confident the file you are trying to download is not infected and still AVG keeps blocking it, adding the file type in the ‘File Exclusions’ list or turn off AVG temporarily to avoid the download block. In such a situation, you can disable file by clicking on the AVG icon right side and choosing the ‘Temporarily disable AVG protection’ option. You can repeat the same process for enabling AVG antivirus.

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