Why Printer is Not Printing Quicken Report in Windows 8

The Quicken Reports offer is a very handy feature to track and manage your finances accurately, and as a business owner can use this feature to make graphs and spreadsheets that display necessary financial information of the company. While printing reports, still, Quicken users may face difficulties because of problems with printing components or printer settings. If you have any issues while printing reports, you can either print using other programs or reinstall your software again. However, before reinstalling it, some remedies still exists you can try to fix the printer settings issues. Also, you can also contact Quicken customer support number for availing professional assistance.


Check Printing Capabilities

Open both the Paint and Notepad programs and try to print a document from such application. If you can print using the Notepad program, then your printer can print checks. Printing using the Paint program also confirms the ability to print reports. Even if the reports do not print checks replicas, check to look if there is a problem with the printer driver that can prevent other Quicken aspects from running correctly.

If you can print using these applications, you should fix your Quicken installation with the Validate and Repair utility. However, if you are unable to print using Paint or Notepad, reinstall to restore your printer driver. At such time, you can also call on the Quicken Support number to know the stepwise procedure for installation.

Validate and Repair Function

Quicken has an inbuilt repair utility to fix errors in the installation. Before trying to fix, check you have the updated version of the software. Once you install the updates, choose the ‘Validate and Repair’ option via the ‘File’ menu. Choose both the ‘Reset All Quicken Printer Settings’ and ‘Validate File’ options. If you still have issues, remove and reinstall Quicken. After re-installation, you can work smoothly with your innovative Quicken information.


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