How to Fix if AOL Mail Freezes up frequently

AOL, an Internet service provider, lets you connect to the Internet and browse any of the sites via the browser. The company also provides the AOL email service with its AOL Mail account that you can use to send/receive email messages to each other. However, if your email account freezes up while you are trying to access it, it may become necessary to fix the issue to get the uninterrupted email service. At such time, you can contact the AOL customer service phone number to know the troubleshooting guide to resolve the error.


AOL Mail

The webmail service of AOL lets you check your emails by opening up the browser and visiting the AOL homepage. As it’s a browser-based service, your AOL email account can freeze due to the incompatibility or other issues with the browser program. Troubleshooting the problem will vary depending on the kind of browser you have. However, if changing the configurations of your browser doesn’t work, you can reset the email or connect to the email web page by the AOL Mail Basic.

Basic Browser Troubleshooting

Upgrade and run your antivirus program on the system. If the viruses or malware infects your system, it can be the reason of your web browser and email to freeze up. Additionally, clear your web browser’s cache, cookies, history, to free up memory and let the program to respond well. If you are using the browser like Firefox or IE, turn off the browser add-ons to check if these are causing the incompatibility with the AOL Mail.

Reset AOL Inbox

If you ensure that your browser is not having the problem, or if you are still unable to access your emails even if adjusting the browser’s settings, you can reset the configuration of your AOL mailbox. Click the ‘Help’ link and choose the ‘AOL Mail System Summary. ’ Now, click the ‘Reset’ beside the ‘Mailbox State.’ Sign out your AOL account and then login back to check the changes.

Use AOL Mail Basic

AOL also offers a basic page that lets you log into your AOL email account without additional scripts or applications that may cause the web browser to freeze. Open up your web browser and go to the basic page of AOL to access your email account. If asked, enter your username and password to sign in your account. It also includes the entire basic features of your AOL Mail page, yet it’s easy to load on the system. However, if you are still not able to access your AOL account, call at the AOL customer support number and get the exact solution of your mailing issues.


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