How to Fix the “QuickBooks not Responding” Error

The error ‘QuickBooks is not responding’ may appear when you try to open a QB company file. Your system seems to be hung up, and even you can’t move the cursor. When you face that situation, the Task Manager may specify that QuickBooks is not responding. You may experience this error if the Memorized Transaction list has the faulty transactions. At such time, the QuickBooks tech support phone number allows you to directly consult the technical experts and get immediate help to resolve the QB problems. Here’s how to fix the error.

quickbooks tech support

Solution 1 – Test a sample company

1. Restart the QuickBooks program after suppressing the desktop’s taskbar. You don’t have to click the ‘End Task’ button until at least a few minutes have passed to ensure that the QB program will no longer be continued.

2. Access the company file. To do so, choose the first company from the ‘Open a sample file’ drop-down list under the ‘No company open’ screen.

3. Choose the ‘Preferences’ tab, and then the ‘Desktop View,’ followed by the ‘My Preferences’ option. Select the checkbox next to the ‘Don’t save the Desktop’ option and click the ‘OK’ button.

4. Open the problematic Company File again from the ‘File’ menu in QB window. If you’re able to open up the sample company file without getting locked the QuickBooks screen, the problem may be with your Company File.

Solution 2 – Repair faulty memorized transactions

1. Close the QuickBooks program, double-click the time shown in the Windows taskbar and change the date back one year of your computer.

2. Open QuickBooks and launch the Company File. Click the ‘Lists’ icon in the menu bar, and then choose the ‘Memorized Transaction List,’ followed by the ‘View’ option. Select the ‘Re-sort List’ option.

3. Check the list to ensure which transaction has the checkmark in the auto column. Click one of them twice.

4. Once the transaction appears, print it for using later. Once you print the transaction, close the window without saving it. You have to follow the same process for every transaction that contains the automatic setting.

5. Remove the memorized transactions that contain automatic entry settings. Click the affected transaction name, and then choose the ‘Memorized Transaction’ option.

6. Click the Delete Memorized Transaction button and close the QuickBooks program. Change the date and time settings again for your computer.

7. Start the QuickBooks program again and try reopening the Company file that has the problems.

8. If can open the company file correctly, type the removed memorized transactions by using the printed pages you made in the previous step as a reference.

However, if you continue facing the error and QuickBooks has stopped responding when you try to open the Company File, it’s advised to consult the technical professionals by dialing the QuickBooks helpline number to get fixed the problems instantly and immediately.


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