6 Steps To Fix and Speed up your Slow Dell Laptop

After a while, your laptop starts to collect more programs and files as a result of regular usage. Simultaneously, it can slow down the response time of your laptop, executing daily processes take too much time to execute and cause the lower productivity. Though, by maintaining your device regularly like as cleaning your hard drive space and scanning via the Windows hard drive utilities, you can fix the slow speed of your Dell laptop.

6 Steps To Fix and Speed up your Slow Dell Laptop

Additionally, you can prevent unnecessary programs from opening them during your Dell laptop starts up. Adding extra RAM memory is also helpful to speed up the performance as well as getting help with Dell customer service number is an alternative you can refer to improve your laptop speed.

If you want to fix on your own, take a look at the simple steps listed below:

Step 1: At first, update and run the ‘Virus Scanner’ of your laptop to delete viruses and malware that can use the CPU resources and slow down the performance of your Dell laptop.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Start’ menu, enter ‘msconfig’ and then press the ‘Enter’ button to launch the ‘System Configuration’ window. Navigate to the ‘Start Up’ section and remove the selection in the box next to each item for which you don’t want to run on your system. Now, when you restart your laptop, only the selected applications will run.

Step 3: Click the ‘Start’ menu, enter ‘add or remove programs’ and then hit the ‘Enter’ key to open that particular window. Click on the unrequired programs, followed by ‘Uninstall’ button to free up space for your laptop hard drive.

Step 4: By using the ‘Disk Cleanup’ utility, you can also free up system’s space. For this, enter ‘disk cleanup’ in the system’ search bar and hit the enter button. Now, in that utility window, put a checkmark in the box next to the each item you want to remove, and then click the ‘OK’ button clear the hard drive temporary files.

Step 5: The Windows defragmenter utility allows you to consolidate files, which is helpful to speed up the response time of your system.

Step 6: Add additional RAM memory to your Dell laptop. Thus, you will get extra space to store information and it lets your laptop perform multi-tasking and run multiple programs simultaneously with high speed.

However, if you are facing other kinds of technical errors with your Dell laptop that slow down its speed, it is highly recommended to contact the Dell laptop support number and seeks for the best solutions to get rid of your laptop issues instantly.

What Do If your Brother Printer Status Is “Offline”?

If any Brother Printer has an ‘Offline’ status, it means that you can’t connect it to other devices properly like as a desktop or laptop. When it has ‘Online’ status, it’s able to connect to other devices. So, there’s essential that your printer has the proper electric connection to get connected to other devices as it gets information from other computing devices in order to print documents. However, if your printer is listed as ‘Offline’ and you are feeling helpless because you don’t know how to operate it, then dial the Brother Printer support phone number and asks for the solution to technicians.

What Do If your Brother Printer Status Is Offline

In addition, you can also try to diagnose certain reasons that encounter the same error messages, as it’s not turned on, empty toner, network connection issues or your printer not set as the default printer. Take a look at some possible causes and their solutions:

Brother Printer Turned Off

If your Brother printer is having the ‘Offline’ status, then it may not be turned on. At this stage, your computer will not identify the connection even if it’s connected via the USB cable. So, check the LCD screen of your printer, if it’s blank, means that the printer may not be powered on. You should check that the printer is properly connected to the wall outlet, have the working stage and all switches are powered on. Call on the Brother Printer customer support number, if you suppose that your printer has major technical issues.

Printer Technical Errors

Sometimes, the empty toner or paper jam errors can also prevent your printer from working. So, firstly check the LCD screen of your printer for any potential error messages. If you find any errors, try to fix them before checking its online status again. If you are unable to get rid of the possible causes, then avail the technician help at Brother Laser Printer support number to fix them quickly.

Printer isn’t set as the Default Printer

Your printer can be ‘Offline’ in that case; it’s no set as the default on your system. If you have set it as the default printer, then you can directly send a print job request from your device by clicking on the ‘Print’ button. If it doesn’t default, it may be trying to connect to another printer. You can also make it default by changing the settings under the ‘Devices’ section of your computer. If it’s not possible for you to fix, then try to get in touch with the Brother Printer customer support specialists.

Network or USB Cable Problem

If your Brother printer has a faulty connection, then it can also show the ‘Offline’ status. In such situations, check that your printer is connected properly via the USB cable. In that case, your printer has the wireless network connection, check that it’s having the smooth internet connectivity and complete firewall protection. Also, make sure that the firewall security is not blocking the network connection that may cause your Brother printer in offline mode.

Know How to Troubleshoot If AVG Anti-Virus Isn’t Running

Is your AVG antivirus software not working due to different technical Errors? Are you unable to detect threats with AVG antivirus? What to do if your system is infected by viruses, malware, spyware and other online threats? In the case of all such circumstances, you should instantly contact on the AVG antivirus customer service phone number to troubleshoot AVG to get the program running again before you use your system to download contents, visit any particular site over the web, deliver email and install the new program.

Know How to Troubleshoot If AVG Anti-Virus Isn't Running

If you are still not having active anti-virus software, disconnect your system from the Internet to overcome the chance of an online threat.

Here’s know how to troubleshoot if AVG anti-virus isn’t running.

Never Install Two Security Programs

Using two dissimilar anti-virus programs doesn’t offer an extra security from the online threats and viruses. In fact, two active components can cause conflict on your system and can be the reason of your AVG has stopped running. If you have installed two different programs, uninstall the conflicting software. So, it’s necessary that you uninstall it correctly by using the removal utility or official Uninstaller, because just removing the files from the computer doesn’t remove it correctly and all of its tools.

Remove/Uninstall Conflicting Programs

If you are using the PC, then there are many other applications that can cause conflicts with the AVG antivirus, hindering it from running properly or at all. Some common programs that can conflict with others are the CCleaner, Better File Rename, Lock Folder XP and BeTwin VS, and so on. Therefore, try to find the program on your system that is stopping AVG from running. If you find, then uninstall it via the Uninstaller utility.

Use Safe Mode

If your system is infected by malware and other potential threats and viruses, it may stop AVG from working properly. In such situations, restart your PC and boot it up in safe mode to run a virus scan. If any infections occurred on your system are directly sent to Virus Vault of AVG for deletion. Once the scan is finished, restart your PC, boot into Windows quietly and then open the AVG program to check it’s running properly.

Update Your Out-Of-Date Virus Definitions

Online threats are always changing and growing. AVG delivers periodic virus definition and updates that are mainly emerging to diagnose the latest viruses and threats. In that case, AVG is not running; make sure that you have the latest virus releases and program updates installed on your system. By updating your antivirus, you will also be able to fix the possible conflicts if your program is having.

However, if your AVG antivirus is still not removing the viruses and malware found during virus scans, ask for the assistance at AVG customer service number. A team of dedicated professionals will provide the complete resolutions to fix the antivirus issues.

6 Handy Steps to Connect your AOL Email Account to Outlook

Connect your AOL Email Account to Outlook

If your business life needs regular traveling, linking your AOL email account to Microsoft Outlook lets you check your AOL emails from your desktop directly without needing to visit the AOL website. You can even send emails from your AOL account when using Outlook and manage all messages in one place without keeping them distinct and organized. The emails will be stored on the AOL server, thus you can retrieve them by accessing on another computer whenever you need.

For all that, you just need to add your email account in Outlook, the process only takes a few moments to complete the setup. However, if you have any query, contact directly to the AOL customer service for quick resolution. Take a look at the steps for adding your AOL email account to Outlook successfully.

Steps to Add AOL Email Account to Outlook

  1. Click on the ‘File’ section, followed by the ‘Add Account’ option.
  2. Select the check box ‘Manual Setup or Additional Server Types’, and then choose the ‘POP or IMAP’ settings from the listed options and click the ‘Next’.
  3. Type your complete name and the address of AOL email account. In the Server Information, choose the specific Account Type you need to add. Microsoft endorses IMAP as it stores your emails on the server as opposite to the personal computer, letting you access them on your PC.
  4. Enter the ‘imap.aol.com’ in the box related to the Incoming Mail Server. In the same way, enter the ‘smtp.aol.com’ in the box related to the Outgoing Mail Server. Enter your complete AOL email address and password in the login information tab, and then click the ‘Next’.
  5. Now, click the ‘More Settings’ button. In the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab, choose the check box ‘My server requires additional authentication’, and then click the ‘Advanced’ option and enter the ‘587’ as the SMTP port. Here, you can leave the POP port as the default selection or choose the ‘SSL’ for advanced encryption.
  6. Later, ensure that the ‘Test Account Settings’ box is selected, and then click the ‘Next’ button. The instructions wizard will confirm that your account is working properly and allow you to know if the details you have provided are acceptable.

Now, when you open the Outlook, it starts to download copies of the email messages already in your AOL email account. However, if you still had any confusion, or you unable to connect your account to the Outlook, you should prefer to take the technical assistance of email professionals by dialing the AOL customer service phone number, you will definitely be able to access your account on the IMAP server of AOL.

2 Handy Ways to Restore your Quicken Data Files Properly

Are you fed up because you have lost your necessary data of Quicken account during system crashing? Do you have any idea how to get back your lost information files? Don’t be sad! Everyone knows, being an electronic device, the normal lifetime of a business computer system is three to five years maximum, and when any fault occurs, it comes unexpectedly without any prior notice. At that time, the recovery of business operations and financial records had the utmost priority.

If you are using the Intuit’s Quicken accounting software in your business, then recovery of lost data and restoring data files are the straightforward processes. Contacting Quicken customer support is an additional enhancement, where you can obtain the best possible support and solution if you have any query or problems with Quicken. In this tutorial guide, there are two methods you can proceed to get back your account information.

2 Handy Ways to Restore your Quicken Data Files Properly

Two Handy Methods to Get Back your Account Information:

Restore Data via Built-in Functions of Quicken:

  1. Open up your Quicken program.
  2. Find the previous backup device that can be a flash drive, CD or another external hard disk. Connect it to the device. Note that if you have backed up the data to the local drive, and then drive is corrupted, then you might not be able to get back your files and you will need to access the latest external backup.
  3. Click on the ‘Files’ button, followed by the ‘Backup and Restore’, and then click the ‘Restore’ button to launch the restore window. Type the drive note of the backup device, and then click on the ‘Enter’ button. After a while or thus, the data will be recovered and you can see it on your main Quicken window.
  4. Now, enter any dealings that happened since the last backup.

Restore Files from Backup folder:

  1. Find your backup contents and install any software required to recover the data.
  2. Make a new folder by proving the following path, C:\My Documents\Quicken.
  3. Open your backup software or discover the backup device and find the above- created folder.
  4. Copy or restore the data available in the Quicken folder from the backup folder into the new.
  5. Launch Quicken program and click on the ‘File’ button, followed by the ‘Open’. Browse to the new folder and choose the file along with the QDF extension, which is the data file of Quicken.
  6. At last, enter any deals occurred during the last backup.

However, if you are unable to backup or restore your data even after go through all the required steps, it is highly recommended to call on the Quicken support phone number to get rid of all issues having with your Quicken accounting software.

7 Handy Steps to Restore Juno Email Backup Files Successfully

Unlike other internet-based email clients, Juno is a stand-alone email client where you can access and store your email messages directly on the computer as the Microsoft Outlook. As an email service, if you prefer to use Juno, then it is necessary to have the backup of your email information to avoid unexpected situations that may cause data loss. Although in the case of account failure, you can contact the Juno internet customer service to gain the expert assistance instantly in order to restore it back.

7 Steps to juno email backup files

To backup and restore email files, you have no need to go anywhere because it includes the Juno Backup Wizard during the installation of the email client on your system. By using the backup utility, you will be able to restore your email in time. This tutorial guide will let you know how to restore Juno email files effectively.

Steps to Restoring Juno Email Files:

  1. At first, you need to close the running Juno email client, because you can’t restore the files until the application window is open.
  2. Now, launch the Juno Backup Wizard utility and then choose the ‘Restore’ option and click on it.
  3. On the Restore screen, click on the ‘Browse’ button, and then identify the location of the backup email file. Click on the file and then click the ‘Next’.
  4. Click on the Juno installation location in which you want to restore the email files. In most cases, users will have only one Juno installation. Click the ‘Next’.
  5. Subsequently, click on the specific user account, and then click the ‘Next’.
  6. Select the check box ahead of each data group to get them back. Select the checkbox in front of ‘Email Messages’ to recover your email messages back.
  7. Click ‘Contacts’ to reinstate your backed-up contacts. Click the ‘Next’, and then ‘Finish’ to execute the process.

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Now, you will see that the backup information is restored to the Juno email account. However, if you stuck or fail to restore your files even after trying all the required steps, it is highly recommendable to address your query to the certified Juno professionals by dialing the Juno internet customer service number listed on the trusted web directory as the Contactforhelp, in order to avail the immediate query resolution.